Nashville recording artist, songwriter, guitarist and producer Jeff Dayton is one of Music City's busiest professionals. His career history spans tours with Kenny Chesney, Hall of Fame legend Glen Campbell and gigs backing Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Bo Diddley, Dizzy Gillespie and Toby Keith. He's done TV and film work on Hawaii Five-O, Nashville and current Netfilx drama Messiah. Jeff's songs have been recorded by George Strait, Doug Stone and others and have been used on The Voice and Hawaii Five-O.

"Jeff Dayton is one of my favorite artists and songwriters ever." (Thom Bresh, legendary guitarist and son of Merle Travis of "Sixteen Tons" fame)



Note from Jeff:

These unprecedented times have sure thrown a curve at all of us, and especially those of us in the music business. Our live shows have been off - then on (a little) - and now most of them are off again. Thanks to platforms like Zoom and FB Live, we've had a way to stay in touch with our base, but that's pretty limited quality at best. For now though, it's all we have and I'm grateful for it.

We will be back together someday soon. Until then, please stay safe, stay positive and stay well. Big thanks for visiting the FB and YouTube pages and we'll see you eventually!


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